Spy Bash


Have what it takes to be a world class spy?

 Ever wondered what it’s like to be a spy? Then Spy Bash is the birthday party for you! 


Welcome to the party

 Our Spy Bash begins with each guest checking in for Spy Training where they’ll have to pass their “background check” to get fingerprinted, be given a top secret agent name and learn a secret handshake.  


Game Time

Once we get settled, we'll hang out in the Bash Tents and play some fun games like Truth or Dare and Charades. 


Pillowcase Fun

Because it's a slumber party, we'll decorate our own pillowcases to take home!


Decorate your own cupcake

Everyone will get their own cupcake to decorate with candy!


"Late night" dance party, anyone?

We'll finish our Bash with a bang with an awesome dance party complete with limbo, bubbles and a light machine.


Show me the goods

The birthday girl will send her guests home with their pillowcases and a goody bag (lip gloss, hair clip, nail stickers, emery board, temporary tattoos and a pink candy stick)