Little Tots Bash


A big Bash for the little ones

 This theme was designed with kids ages two to five in mind. Our Little Tots Bash is a little different from our other themes because you tell us what the theme is and we provide some simple games, crafts and activities to coordinate. 


Tell us your theme

 We've hosted various Little Tots Bashes from Paw Patrol to Dance. 


Dress up!

We bring lots of dress up clothes and toys for the kids to try on and interact with.


Keeping them busy

 All of our Little Tots Bashes include time in the ball pit and tunnels as well as basic face or hand painting. We'll keep the kids entertained with short activities like bean bag toss and bubble wrap run where they can earn prizes to take home.


Arts and Crafts

 All Little Tots Bashes include a craft like a simple painting project or a bead necklace. We can always coordinate the craft to your theme. 



 Towards the end of the party we'll serve cupcakes and each child will get a small cup of candy they can use to decorate their own cupcake.